Monday, 18 July 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Being a Boss and a Leader

​As someone who developed, owned and led many businesses during his career while also being the boss of several hundreds of people, Andrew Konomanyi has a strong opinion on what should be the role of a leader. If you look up the dictionary, you will see that the word implies a person who can guide or direct a group. This instantly tells you that not all bosses are leaders.

Offering Guidance
Being able to offer guidance is one of the prime qualities of a good boss. This guidance can be verbal or non-verbal, but it’s a quality that’s always there, in every good boss, regardless of which field they are working in.

Being Tough and Compassionate at the Same Time
A good leader knows how to get the most out of his employees while managing to stay compassionate. If the people around you know that they can count on you when they are not at their best for whatever reason, they will be much more willing to go the extra mile on their good days.

Team Mentality
If we go with a rowing analogy, the boss is the coxswain, the member who sits in the stern of the boat, facing the others (his or her workers). He or she will be the one who steers the boat, but in an ideal scenario every member will realize that this is for the best, and the team works because of this, not in spite of it. Andrew Konomanyi notes that the intricate relationship between boss and employee can often determine the success of a company.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - How to Be a Good Father While Traveling a Lot

Being a good father means something different to a lot of people, but to Andrew Konomanyi it means showing a good example and passing on certain values. It is not easy being a father, especially when you have to be away a lot. On one hand you are doing what is expected of you, creating the financial means that will help your children in short and long term. At the same time, you cannot expect them to understand the importance of certain values if you are not there to show and teach them. It is a constant struggle but you have the means to figure it out.

Taking Advantage of the Internet 

If you are a businessman who travels a lot, you have to find a way to connect with your children even when you are not home. If they are old enough to be communicative, you can use different messaging and video apps with them. Being there often means listening to them, sharing your thoughts and you don’t necessarily have to be there for that, if they can see and hear you, they will be able to share their thoughts with you.

Planning Ahead

If you are away a lot, plan fun endeavors with your child, often weeks or months ahead. A birthday or a big game, or maybe even a vacation! Andrew Konomanyi notes that until you are willing to put in the effort when you are actually there, as well as letting them know that you’re thinking about them when you are not, children will be able to handle being apart.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Buying a Horse

Andrew Konomanyi is an avid rider who likes to discover new places that offer great opportunities for horseback riding. It is relatively easy to buy a horse these days, but one should always realize the depth of the commitments that come with owning such an animal. The sad truth is that not everybody is equipped to own a horse, not even necessarily when they have the space for it and show a genuine affection towards them. Horses are extremely high maintenance creatures and this doesn’t just mean accommodation and money, but the potential owner’s precious time.

An Ideal Environment 

In the vast majority of the cases one should only contemplate buying a horse if they either own or have unlimited access to a proper environment. This means a small stable at least, and a paddock (also called corral) where the horse can move around freely. The importance of proper space and an ideal environment is rather obvious. Horses need their space so they can thrive both physically and mentally. Without the proper space and an environment where they can feel right at home, they can become quite unpredictable, especially towards strangers.


Without the necessary financial means, you shouldn’t think about buying a horse. While the purchase is already a rather hefty monetary commitment, it doesn’t stop there, in fact most people can save enough money to buy a horse (if it’s not purebred) relatively easily. Most of the expenses, however, start after the purchase. Remodeling your property to accommodate the animal, then of course there is the food factor. An average saddle horse will weigh anything from 900 to 1100 lb., and they will require between 25 to 28 pounds of hey on a daily basis. Depending on where you buy the hey, this would add up to a monthly expense of $150 to $250, but there are other expenses as well of course, like yearly vet visits that can cost you about $200. A single horse will cost you anything from $250 to $400 monthly, and that is just one animal.

The Time Factor 

No one buys a horse to just look at it from time to time. If you buy an animal like that, you do it because you want to build a special bond. This requires a considerable portion of your time, and without putting in the effort, you can never be more than the owner of the animal.
Andrew Konomanyi is an avid horse rider who had the privilege of owning horses in the past, building lasting connections that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs

With golf being one of his favorite activities, Andrew Konomanyi already went through the pain of finding the ideal clubs. Since so much new equipment come to the market on a regular basis, finding the right one can be slightly challenging. When you go to the store, you can see a lot of different brands. The problem is that every company will tell you that their clubs are the best. You can read reviews until the sun comes up, but that will still not guarantee you that you’ll end up with the equipment that’s ideal for your height, gender, hitting stance and skill level. Luckily for you, there is an almost surefire way of getting it right.

The Six Iron Test

What you have to do is go to a shop and ask them for a six iron from each of their favorite brands. First try out the one with a low center of gravity. That’s a club with a relatively wide bottom. Equipment like this is supposed to get the ball higher in the air (provided that you can hit it right, of course). If you are having problems with getting enough air under you swings, a club like that is an ideal choice.

A Narrower Head for More Penetrating Power

If you wish to hit your shots with more power while getting more penetration on your swings, a narrower head with a differently placed center of gravity will be an ideal choice. With a club like that you will be able to generate more power, hitting the balls farther.

Blades for a Better Ball Strike

If you feel that your swings are not clean enough and that there is something wrong with your technique, a blade iron will likely be of tremendous help. Even if you can’t really pin-point the problem to a specific phase of the movement, these clubs will help you identify the cause of your troubles. A blade iron will simply tell you what’s happening with, and to your golf swing. Many pros prefer to use only blades because of one reason and one reason only, they provide immediate feedback.

Cavity Back for the Weekend Warriors
A cavity back is an ideal choice for those who just started out the sport, because it allows them to hit the ball much easier. Getting a feel for those clubs is child’s play compared to other equipment, making them ideal for hobby players.

The Testing Process

Get all the six irons and set up, then hit balls in quick succession, using a different club each time. That is the best way to get a feel to it, helping you decide between them. Andrew Konomanyi recommends this process to any golf enthusiast who cannot decide which club they should use.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Tips for Managing a Successful Business

Andrew Konomanyi is a dedicated individual who has always been known for his ability to see a lucrative opportunity, and his commitment to his professional endeavors. He has been working in the professional world for several years, and he is a natural entrepreneur who understands how to make a business successful. He has been steadily building a business empire over the course of his career, and he now owns companies all over Europe and the United States of America. He regularly travels due to his work, and he owns houses all over the world in order to make travel more convenient. When he is home, he lives in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Konomanyi has been working as an entrepreneur for a number of years, and he has been quite successful in the field. Managing a business, let alone multiple, can be difficult for any professional, but there are ways to make the job easier. Here are some tips for managing a successful business in a competitive market.

The first thing you need to keep in mind as a manager is the daily operations of the business as a whole. Make sure you’re familiar with your staff, their daily responsibilities, and what a typical day on the job looks like for everyone. As a manager, you need to fully understand what it is your company does regularly in order to keep it running smoothly.

Andrew Konomanyi also explains that a good manager should be a part of his employees lives at the work place. Don’t manage your company from afar; get to know the people you work with.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Things to Remember During Your Yoga Practice

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been slowly building a business empire through out the course of his career. He owns companies in both the United States of American and Europe, where he also owns multiple houses. He is a natural entrepreneur who can see when a lucrative business opportunity presents itself, and he is known for jumping on the opportunities as soon as he can. He enjoys being an entrepreneur and seeing how many businesses he can take control of and save before they begin to go under. In addition to acquiring businesses, he has also started a few of his own, and he knows what it takes to grow a business today.

Andrew Konomanyi has been working hard in order to achieve the success he currently enjoys in the professional world today, but his career isn’t the only thing on his mind. He is also focused on himself, which he tries to improve regularly through a committed yoga practice. Here are some things every yogi should keep in mind during their practice.

One of the biggest problems people new to yoga have during their practice is judgment. Classes aren’t typically private, so new yogis feel a lot of pressure to perform in front of their classmates, and more importantly, in front of themselves. Try not to worry about other people in the room, and stay in the present moment.

Andrew Konomanyi also explains that when you’re practicing yoga, focus on your well being, not just the physical exercises. Yoga is a meditation practice through stretching postures; focus on the mind, not just the body.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

Andrew Konomanyi is an individual who is known for looking ahead to the future, especially when it comes to his professional career. He is a dedicated entrepreneur who has helped a number of businesses from failing by lending his support, either financially, or through his genuine expertise. He owns homes in both the United States and Europe, where he also controls several companies. He has been building a business empire through out his lengthy career, and he hopes to continue to do so well into the foreseeable future. As an entrepreneur, he understands that it’s important to give back to the community, which he does through various charitable organizations.

Although he works hard in order to be a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Konomanyi isn’t only concerned with with his career, he is also interested in golf. Golf is a game he learned to help enhance his career in business, but he has become quite the player over the years. Here are some useful tips that will help you improve your game.

The first thing you need to do in order to improve your golf game is change the way you hold the club. Make sure you hold the club so that if you’re right handed, your right pinky finger interlocks with your left index finger. This will help keep your hands secure when holding the club so that the club face doesn’t turn during your swing.

Andrew Konomanyi also explains that in order to improve your golf game, you have to work on chipping and putting. Your short game is the key to success on the golf course.