Thursday, 28 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - Tips for Professional Writers Looking to Get Published

Andrew Konomanyi has been working hard through out his professional career in order to achieve success, and be able to impact the lives of others using that success. He has made this goal a reality through his career as an entrepreneur, and he regularly uses his professional success in order to support charities around the world. He operates and controls business through out the United States and Europe, where he owns several different houses, and he continues to grow his reputation in the business world. He believes in working hard in order to be successful, which is a truth he tries to make clear no matter what businesses he finds himself operating.

Andrew Konomanyi strives to make a difference in the lives of business owners around the globe, and he has the skills necessary to turning failing businesses into successful ventures. His son is following in his successful footsteps, as he is only 15, but has been published as a writer. Here are some tips for writers looking to get published.

The first thing you need to do as a writer looking to get published is be persistent. Just like trying to make it in other forms of art professionally, you need to get your name out in the open as much as possible. Be persistent when looking to get published, and send your work out into the professional environment.

Andrew Konomanyi also explains networking is important in the process as well. Writing is an industry like other forms of art where knowing the right people can make all the difference. Network as much as possible to meet people.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi Delivers Golf Putting Tips

Having a great putt is something that golfers like Andrew Konomanyi work their whole lives for. Putting a golf ball into the hole requires a focus and mental toughness that is intense. Being able to hit the ball hard is not going to sink your putt and get you that birdie. A golfer needs to be able to examine the terrain of the green, looking for changes or breaks in the slope. Then, they must tap the ball into the hole with the right amount of force at the right angle. For many golfers, this process of calculation takes moments, but that is a learned skill.

If you want to putt better, you have got to spend time practicing. Just as with any other learned behavior or skill, practice makes perfect. A lot of golfers spend their practice time on the driving range, practicing their swing and length versus accuracy. Of course, this is a good thing to do, but surely not the only area you should practice in. Take some of that driving range time and head over to the putting green to practice your putts. Becoming a better putter will decrease your score much faster than driving range practice.

Andrew Konomanyi also tells his friends that improving your putting is only possible if you can learn to evaluate the topography of the green. He likes to remind others that golf course designers always leave an architectural slope on the green which allows drainage after a rain storm passes.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi on Improving Your Golf Swing

When Andrew Konomanyi is not planning his next big business venture, he likes to practice his golf game in England. As a self-described amateur golfer, Andrew has spent years honing his abilities on the course. After much time, he has developed his own set of tips to help others improve their golf swing. Your swing is likely the most important part of your game. It does not matter how well you putt or how expensive your clubs are, if you cannot swing correctly, you are going to have issues on all eighteen holes.

The way you hold your club, including the position of all of your body parts, is vital to a proper golf swing. A neutral hand position on your gold club will make a big difference in your swing and its accuracy. Also, remember that the hand positioning is somewhat backwards in regard to your dominant hand. This means, for example, that right handed golfers will place their left hand on top as the leading hand in the swing.

A golfer's stance makes the difference between good contact with the ball and falling on your face when you swing your driver. Andrew Konomanyi says that every golfer should be paying attention to their stance, even if they have been golfing for many years. In fact, experienced golfers sometimes fall into unhealthy stance habits that should be corrected for a better game. Your body should be aligned, keep a soft bend in the knees, and remain relaxed when swinging your club.

Blog | Andrew Konomanyi

Blog | Andrew Konomanyi

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi and the Mini Skirt Rule of Writing

As the father of a young successful writer, Andrew Konomanyi has spent time understanding and learning about the practices of good writers. One of the more clever rules that some writers subscribe to is known as the mini skirt rule. According to this principle, when you write you should keep your text long enough to cover the necessary parts, but keep it short enough to still be interesting to the viewer or reader. 

In that context, the rule makes sense and proves to be a handy tenet for many writers of all styles. If you examine this idea from the reader's perspective, you can see where the philosophy applies. When we read a story, we want to feel that all of the major ideas are covered. Who are the main characters? What has happened to them? What was the resolution to the conflict in the story? These are the most important bits of information, generally. At the same time, as a reader, we do not want to be bogged down with too many details. No one needs three paragraphs to describe what the hero of the story was wearing, and another two pages telling us what their house looks like. 

Finding the mini skirt balance between too little and too much information is a skill that writers develop over the years. For Andrew Konomanyi's son, he was able to find that happy medium at a young age, and write his first novel. In his work, he gives enough information to cover the basics, but still makes the body interesting.