Monday, 18 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi Delivers Golf Putting Tips

Having a great putt is something that golfers like Andrew Konomanyi work their whole lives for. Putting a golf ball into the hole requires a focus and mental toughness that is intense. Being able to hit the ball hard is not going to sink your putt and get you that birdie. A golfer needs to be able to examine the terrain of the green, looking for changes or breaks in the slope. Then, they must tap the ball into the hole with the right amount of force at the right angle. For many golfers, this process of calculation takes moments, but that is a learned skill.

If you want to putt better, you have got to spend time practicing. Just as with any other learned behavior or skill, practice makes perfect. A lot of golfers spend their practice time on the driving range, practicing their swing and length versus accuracy. Of course, this is a good thing to do, but surely not the only area you should practice in. Take some of that driving range time and head over to the putting green to practice your putts. Becoming a better putter will decrease your score much faster than driving range practice.

Andrew Konomanyi also tells his friends that improving your putting is only possible if you can learn to evaluate the topography of the green. He likes to remind others that golf course designers always leave an architectural slope on the green which allows drainage after a rain storm passes.