Monday, 27 June 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs

With golf being one of his favorite activities, Andrew Konomanyi already went through the pain of finding the ideal clubs. Since so much new equipment come to the market on a regular basis, finding the right one can be slightly challenging. When you go to the store, you can see a lot of different brands. The problem is that every company will tell you that their clubs are the best. You can read reviews until the sun comes up, but that will still not guarantee you that you’ll end up with the equipment that’s ideal for your height, gender, hitting stance and skill level. Luckily for you, there is an almost surefire way of getting it right.

The Six Iron Test

What you have to do is go to a shop and ask them for a six iron from each of their favorite brands. First try out the one with a low center of gravity. That’s a club with a relatively wide bottom. Equipment like this is supposed to get the ball higher in the air (provided that you can hit it right, of course). If you are having problems with getting enough air under you swings, a club like that is an ideal choice.

A Narrower Head for More Penetrating Power

If you wish to hit your shots with more power while getting more penetration on your swings, a narrower head with a differently placed center of gravity will be an ideal choice. With a club like that you will be able to generate more power, hitting the balls farther.

Blades for a Better Ball Strike

If you feel that your swings are not clean enough and that there is something wrong with your technique, a blade iron will likely be of tremendous help. Even if you can’t really pin-point the problem to a specific phase of the movement, these clubs will help you identify the cause of your troubles. A blade iron will simply tell you what’s happening with, and to your golf swing. Many pros prefer to use only blades because of one reason and one reason only, they provide immediate feedback.

Cavity Back for the Weekend Warriors
A cavity back is an ideal choice for those who just started out the sport, because it allows them to hit the ball much easier. Getting a feel for those clubs is child’s play compared to other equipment, making them ideal for hobby players.

The Testing Process

Get all the six irons and set up, then hit balls in quick succession, using a different club each time. That is the best way to get a feel to it, helping you decide between them. Andrew Konomanyi recommends this process to any golf enthusiast who cannot decide which club they should use.