Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Andrew Konomanyi on Improving Your Golf Swing

When Andrew Konomanyi is not planning his next big business venture, he likes to practice his golf game in England. As a self-described amateur golfer, Andrew has spent years honing his abilities on the course. After much time, he has developed his own set of tips to help others improve their golf swing. Your swing is likely the most important part of your game. It does not matter how well you putt or how expensive your clubs are, if you cannot swing correctly, you are going to have issues on all eighteen holes.

The way you hold your club, including the position of all of your body parts, is vital to a proper golf swing. A neutral hand position on your gold club will make a big difference in your swing and its accuracy. Also, remember that the hand positioning is somewhat backwards in regard to your dominant hand. This means, for example, that right handed golfers will place their left hand on top as the leading hand in the swing.

A golfer's stance makes the difference between good contact with the ball and falling on your face when you swing your driver. Andrew Konomanyi says that every golfer should be paying attention to their stance, even if they have been golfing for many years. In fact, experienced golfers sometimes fall into unhealthy stance habits that should be corrected for a better game. Your body should be aligned, keep a soft bend in the knees, and remain relaxed when swinging your club.