Monday, 28 March 2016

Andrew Konomanyi on How to Choose a Yoga Style

Businessman and Yoga practitioner, Andrew Konomanyi, knows that choosing a style of Yoga is important to the overall success of the practice. It is simple for a person to say, “I'm going to do Yoga.”, but what type of Yoga will they do. Many people who are new to the practice and philosophy do not realize that there are many different forms of Yoga, and each form has a different purpose. Andrew recommends that all new Yogis do some investigation on their own, and really think about what they are trying to get out of their Yoga experience. Those who are seeking to lose weight will likely choose a different style than those who are looking for relaxation. Similarly, those who are already physically fit will want a more intense style than those who are just beginning to exercise.

Attending a Yoga class at a local gym or community center is a worthwhile option, as it allows the participants to have one on one time with their instructor. If you are shy or cannot afford the cost, you can always pick up some Yoga videos or find free videos on the Internet. Either way, you should only learn Yoga from a skilled professional who has been practicing and teaching for more than five years. Andrew Konomanyi tells us that Hatha and Integral Yoga are the two best options for people who want a less intense routine that includes stretching and meditation. Those who need more vigorous activity should try Bikram or Vinyasa Yoga.