Monday, 11 July 2016

Andrew Konomanyi - How to Be a Good Father While Traveling a Lot

Being a good father means something different to a lot of people, but to Andrew Konomanyi it means showing a good example and passing on certain values. It is not easy being a father, especially when you have to be away a lot. On one hand you are doing what is expected of you, creating the financial means that will help your children in short and long term. At the same time, you cannot expect them to understand the importance of certain values if you are not there to show and teach them. It is a constant struggle but you have the means to figure it out.

Taking Advantage of the Internet 

If you are a businessman who travels a lot, you have to find a way to connect with your children even when you are not home. If they are old enough to be communicative, you can use different messaging and video apps with them. Being there often means listening to them, sharing your thoughts and you don’t necessarily have to be there for that, if they can see and hear you, they will be able to share their thoughts with you.

Planning Ahead

If you are away a lot, plan fun endeavors with your child, often weeks or months ahead. A birthday or a big game, or maybe even a vacation! Andrew Konomanyi notes that until you are willing to put in the effort when you are actually there, as well as letting them know that you’re thinking about them when you are not, children will be able to handle being apart.